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Q3Arena.com Staff

The Q3Arena.com staff is comprised of dedicated and hard working individuals whose goal is to bring you the ultimate online gaming resource. Day in and day out, our staff works arduously to provide one of the best gaming communities on the net. We like providing this website and hope you enjoy using it.

Bini "Blitz" Parkhurst
Blitz is the founder and owner of Q3Arena.com. Blitz is responsible for some of the most popular gaming sites around. He gets stuck with all the tedious biz type stuff so the rest of us can party. Oh yeah, he pays our bills too. ;)

Paul "Awoq" Taylor
Awoq is a co-founder of Q3Arena.com and takes on the role as our news editor. He delivers news on time for the network and works as hosting manager.

Alexandre "DGhost" Vanier
DGhost is responsible for delivering fresh daily news to our site. E-mail him with any news you have relating to the Quake community.

Veli-Matti "Olento" Koukeri
Olento is the genius behind our design and content. He slaves over a hot keyboard for hours to bring quality sites into our network.

Chris "GFKiller" DeGaeta
GFKiller maintains and moderates our message board. He has been involved in this site since the Quake2.com days.

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